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Our Strength

There are a severd reason why we are strong smplier of this PKS 3 our slaed of SABAH, Malaysia.

Strong Relaionship with Pdm Oil mill
As our mertion earty, we already have good relationship between Pam Oil Mill and us. We stil going working
together with mil to ma
Nowadays we have 11 transportaion's corrpaiy working with us to deivery ou PKS to oilâ local buyers and our warehouse.

Our warehouse located at strategic place where is on industrial land, near to main road, clean, sdety and oriy 4.5 Miles (9
Political Affair
We also have a good support by or: gwernrnent and local political people because of we are ï¬rs local sabahan companyrrake tlis business going to international. As we know, there no local conpany expon this material. al of them from on side Sabai. Thats why, we want make its beoorne happen and reaity.

Well Management (Teamwork)
Every Director in Oil company doing well to do a job given to make sure our company operation run smoothly and success. There are no complaint either from our Pam Oil Mil sipplier or local buyers.