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Warehouse-PKS Stockpiling
Perintis Progresif equipped with a warehouse meant for keeping the stockpiling of Palm Kernel Shells before its shipped to the customers The warehouse located at on approximately 18 acres land about 5 miles ( 9 KM) fom Tawau Port. The dimension of the warehouse is approximately 40 ft wide X 200 ft long with a 35 ft height. With such dimension, it can accommodate a stockpile of PKS approximately 6 , 000 MT at any point of time . 2 Units of Shovel has been place at the warehouse in order to accommodate the day - to - day operations at the warehouse. In addition, a movable weighbridge will also be placed at the warehouse.

Brief Introduction to Our Collection & Distribution Process
  • Trucks to Collection site at productions mills
  • Dropped off at our warehouse site in the open space(depending on weather conditions)
  • Carefully inspected and separated from any sort of other minerals or dirt
  • Loaded back on our trucks with separator machine
  • Brought into our warehouse for storing
  • After drop-off at covered warehouse once again PKS is inspected to ensure free from dirt and other unwanted minerals.
  • Preservation method is used when needed as most of our stock moves in and out on a daily basis as the demand
    tremendous by our buyers.

The address :
Perintis Progresif Sdn Bhd (Tawau Warehouse)
Mile 5.5 Off Jalan Apas
91000 Tawau, Sabah